With sales of £265 billion, retail is the largest service industry in the UK and so critical to the health of the economy. With long, complex, supply chains, and a large workforce of 11% of the population, it is a challenge for each retailer to find a unique proposition and to deliver it consistently and efficiently.

The e-commerce marketplace enables small players to compete with the top tier, and to do so across international boundaries. There are few constraints on reaching the target consumer. As such, new retail models must emerge with evolving consumer propositions, sourced increasingly more smartly, for a generation of retailers who expect to do it with speed and efficiency. This results in the need for retail organisations to carve themselves up differently to deliver their true potential.

At the retail engineers we believe fundamentally that each retailer has that great potential to be different and to deliver that differentiation confidently and competently. By working with the people at the heart of the organisation, we can find the essence of what makes a retailer special and develop operating models and solutions to deliver it.

We distinguish ourselves from other consultancies in understanding the intimacies of our client’s business. As consultants, we take our role very seriously therefore only people who have true competence and experience are qualified to work with our clients. For all projects, we match very carefully consultants with clients and their requirements.

We exist to add value, nothing less.
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